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Synovitis is the inflammation of the synovial membrane which is a tissue that lines joints, this inflammation is usually located at the ball of the foot with pain, redness, and swelling occurring there.

How did this happen?

  • Too much pressure applied to the toes due to a deformity can cause this
  • Tight footwear or frequent use of high heels
  • Arthritis

What should I do?

  • Wear shoes with ample toe room (approx one thumb size from the tip of the shoe and your toes) 
  • Hot or ice packs can help reduce inflammation
  • Seek help from a podiatrist

What kind of help can I get?

  • A podiatrist can help relieve pressure on the area by using protective padding
  • Administration of Cortisone injection may be used
  • If any deformities are causing the issue, surgery can be done to correct it

How long till it recovers?

  • It can take up from 1-2 weeks to see improvements
  • The earlier the treatment, the faster the recovery rate

Treatments Available

  • Shockwave Therapy

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