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Cuboid Dysfunction


Cuboid Dysfunction


Cuboid dysfunction is the displacement of the square-shaped bone located between the heel and the 5th metatarsal. This can lead to complications where surrounding bones or ligaments can be displaced or even broken. This would then lead to discomfort and usually pain in the affected area.

How did this happen?

  • High arched or flat foot poses a risk of developing this condition
  • Trauma to ankle
  • Sprains 

What should I do?

  • Rest the affected foot
  • Use footwear of softer cushioning
  • Ice packs can be used to reduce inflammation
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to provide temporary pain relief
  • Seek help from a podiatrist

What kind of help can I get?

  • A podiatrist can advise on proper footwear
  • Medical insoles can be prescribed
  • Joint mobilization can be done by a podiatrist

How long till it recovers?

  • improvements can be expected in 6-8 weeks

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