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Custom Insoles Singapore

Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts that support the foot's natural shape, align the ankle, and generally improve posture and foot function.

Our podiatrist may prescribe orthotic insoles to treat a variety of biomechanical foot, ankle, limb, and lower back issues.

Custom orthotics are one of the most effective solutions for correcting a foot's function or supporting your foot structure.

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Should You Get Orthotic Insoles?

If you have lower limb injuries, are experiencing pain, or often need to stand for lengthy periods, you may require a pair of custom orthotics to provide structural support to your feet and avoid future harm.

The following are some instances that may necessitate the use of orthotics:

Orthotics may aid in reducing discomfort and inflammation in the knees, hips, and lower back by assisting in the alignment of your feet.

Consult your podiatrist for a thorough evaluation to determine if orthotics may be suitable for you.

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

  • Supports your feet and legs, especially during weight-bearing activities.
  • Improves balance, weight distribution and posture.
  • Corrects abnormal foot functioning positions
  • Eliminates lower back pain from leg length inequalities.
  • Leads to more comfortable shoes by optimising shoe fit and providing cushioning
  • Helps children's feet grow in a more neutral or anatomically-aligned position.

Address your foot health concerns and explore medically-customized shoe inserts at Dr Foot Podiatry Clinic!


Superior quality

Our custom insoles use industry-leading materials with best-in-class strength, flexibility and endurance.

Latest technology in orthotics

We use Nylon PA11 Technology for our 3D-printed insoles for better comfort and durability, with 40% greater tensile strength than older-generation orthoses.


Our custom-made insoles are environmentally sustainable – producing 95% less waste than other 3D-printing techniques!

New and improved

We have noted the feedback provided by our patients and developed our insoles to have greater thermal resistance and impressive elasticity for increased comfort.

Getting Custom-Made Insoles and Arch Supports at Dr Foot Podiatry Clinic

No two feet are alike, which is why we are meticulous in ensuring our patients go through the proper steps for making fully customised insoles. In contrast to store-bought shoe insoles, a custom-made orthotic insert is tailored to your specific foot arch type and the discomfort you're experiencing.


Your prescription orthotic is tailored to your individual foot type and physical condition.

Each 1.5-hour consultation begins with history taking. Our expert podiatrist will examine your lifestyle, symptoms, foot structure, and a variety of other criteria to make sure your custom orthotics are as precise as possible.

Next, our podiatrist will perform a thorough musculoskeletal examination, including a video gait analysis (static, walking, and running).

This allows us to understand your specific needs and conditions properly.

Prescription & Design

We will also take a 3D scan of your foot, which will generate an exact replica of your foot in its corrected posture.

The 3D scan is measured to a precision of 0.1 mm by the computer. If any tweaks are required, such as adding a heel lift for a short leg, your highly-skilled podiatrist will show you your orthotic prescription on a high-definition computer monitor before they are created.


After that, the scans are transmitted to our premium labs in Australia, where your orthotics will be created.

Each insole is thoroughly checked to ensure that it was produced accurately before your fitting.


After the insoles are prescribed, you will be required to return for regular follow-up sessions. This helps us monitor your progress and ensure that your insoles perform as intended.

You will be provided warranties on the medical insoles if the insoles do not function as promised.

Depending on your condition, you may be prescribed personalised rehabilitative activities.

Most importantly, you will be educated about the possible risk factors and causes of your painful condition, along with the ways to reduce relapse while supporting your feet health.


Healthy feet begins at Dr Foot Podiatry Clinic.

Our podiatry clinic offers a range of pain-free and effective modalities that have been beneficial for many patients in managing their conditions.

We combine the latest generation of technology with modern podiatric techniques to ensure the best possible recovery for you.

Say hello to healthy feet and work towards reaching your recovery goals with us!

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