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What to expect on your first visit

Here’s what to expect when you visit a podiatry clinic.

Step 01

Preparing the necessary

Make a list of your symptoms and questions. Prepare any referral letters and medical records, X-rays or ultrasounds, if any.

Step 02

Perform Assessment

Our podiatrists will perform assessment of your foot and legs. 

Step 03

Findings and Treatments

After conducting the assessment, our podiatrists will thoroughly review the findings and discuss them with you. Based on the assessment results, they will then provide recommendations for treatment.

Step 04

Proceed with Treatments

Once you have agreed to the recommended treatment plan, we will proceed with the necessary treatments.

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Why Pick Dr Foot for Your Podiatry Needs

State-of-the-art Podiatric Equipment

We employ numerous advanced podiatric equipment, such as shockwave therapy, to aid your progress during your medical treatment. These sophisticated machines take out the little variations caused by human error to deliver the best foot practive for your musculoskeletal conditions. 

As a result, this speeds up the recovery period for certain foot problems such as heel pain, bunion pain and knee pains.

The Best of Podiatric Medicine Under One Roof

Dr Foot Podiatry equips a multi-disciplinary approach to podiatry practice. In conjunction with the use of advanced technology, our podiatry clinic also utilises physical therapy, prescribed exercises, custom insoles and more to treat foot conditions.

These combined, holistic podiatry services of the highest quality lead to faster and more consistent results for the patient.

Proper Rehabilitation and Prevention of Foot Conditions

Once your foot problem begins to resolve, we start prescribing rehabilitative exercises. These exercises help strengthen your affected muscles, promote foot mobilisation, improve muscle memory, and maintain range of motion.

By adhering to these prescribed exercises, your recovery will be supported, and it decreases the probability of your condition relapsing.

Education-based Care for Foot Health

We believe that patient education is vital during our podiatric care. Our podiatrist is available to answer any and all concerns and questions you may have about your condition. The better informed you are regarding your condition, the better your healing and recovery process will be.

Armed with the right knowledge, our patients can apply the right lifestyle changes to minimise the reoccurrence of their condition.

Area of Concerns

Possible causes to why you are feeling your pain at this location

Region 7 Region 6 Region 5 Region 8 Region 3 Region 4 Region 2 Region 1
Region 6 Region 3 Region 5 Region 4 Region 2 Region 1
Region 4 Region 3 Region 2 Region 1

Podiatry Fees and Charges

      • Name
      • Price
    • Consultation
      • Initial Consultation
      • $120 - $150
      • Follow-up Consultation
      • $60 - $100
      • Podiatry Assessment Report
      • $60 - $80
      • Completion of insurance Form
      • $30 - $50
    • Skin & Nail
      • Medical Nail Care
      • $100 - $150
      • Nail Fungus Treatment
      • $80 - $280
      • Non-Surgical Ingrown Toenail Treatment
      • $160 - $220
      • Medical Callus and Corns Treatment
      • $100 - $150
    • Foot & Ankle
      • Shockwave Therapy
      • $300 onwards
      • Photobiomodulation Therapy
      • $200 onwards
      • Prescription Medical Insoles
      • $550 onwards


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